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Beware of fake frames

Who sells Pinarello puts his face on it. 4 rules to detect a false Pinarello frame. 

The success of a brand inevitably leads to the birth of counterfeiters, a common phenomenon in the fashion world, however, in the bicycle sector, a dangerous decision for the purchaser/rider.

1. Counterfeiters usually hide behind E-COMMERCE PLATFORMS AND ONLINE AUCTIONS sites.

2. The counterfeiters often pretend to be contractors OR official manufacturers/factories for Pinarello, the OEM Factory. Recall that CICLI PINARELLO SPA head office and production facility that DO NOT SELL FRAMES ONLINE

3. The counterfeiters do not offer an OFFICIAL PINARELLO WARRANTY, a one and only document recognized by Pinarello. Cicli Pinarello grants a two (2) years warranty. You can extend the warranty to five (5) years registering the serial number in the official website within 30 days from the purchase. This procedure will grant you at the same time that the frame is original.

4. If you decide to buy a used Pinarello via the INTERNET and it is not possible to visit the seller, it is crucial you request the PINARELLO SERIAL NUMBER which is located under the bottom bracket. In addition, request for a photo of this serial number and a copy of the Official Pinarello Warranty Documents.

A quick cross-check via one of our Pinarello Points can immediately verify if the Frame is Original or False.

We have analyzed several FALSE frames which have been confiscated via International Customs Authorities. These frames have been passed through the most elementary of resistance testing and the results showed worrying structural failures that can cause serious damage and / or death to the rider.

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