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2 May 2024

New SS24 Apparel Collection is out!

Pushing the boundaries of aerodynamics

We are proud to launch our new spring-summer apparel collection offering a wide variety of premium garments optimized for warmer weather conditions.

Produced for cyclists, by cyclists, every piece is lightweight, highly breathable and exceptionally versatile and has been tailored to guarantee an ergonomic, aerodynamic yet comfortable fit. Every design prioritizes function over style; everything has a purpose.

The DOGMA F line has combined extensive research, unique technologies and innovative materials to create uncompromizing, high-performance garments.

The F9 line combines the best materials and an innovative, competitive approach to deliver high-level race performance.

The F7 line captures the essence of competitive performance by combining premium materials with outstanding design.

Discover more about the technologies behind the new collection:

CARBON FIBER FABRIC: Anti-static and antibacterial properties and an excellent conductor of heat. Carbon materials provide functionality and performance. 

STAMINA FABRIC TECH: Stretch fabric with high elastic modulus for high compression levels offer improvised control and stability while woven fabrics with optimized functionality.

DRAGZERO: Designed for high-speed sports and developed through extensive wind tunnel research.

ERGONOMIC CUT: Offering the ability to ride in total comfort.

“ANTI-WAVE” SYSTEM: This provides a close-cut ‘second skin’ effect to minimise jersey movement, even on the fastest descents.