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Here you can find a list of frequently asked questions and the relative replies!

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Around the world, online and in not official markets, it's possible to purchase fake Pinarello frames. For people who don't faces often with our products, it's not simple to detect a fake frame.

It's risky to buy a fake frame for the following reasons:
1. it's not safety for you run on bikes that are not tested
2. it's illegal purchase counterfeit products, as for the seller as for the buyer

Our first suggestion in order to avoid to purchase fake frames/bikes is contacting one of our Pinarello dealer in your area.
You can find the closest to you using our Store Locator.

If you want to purchase a bike in private form, you have to check the authenticity by contacting us via the CONTACT US page in the support section and please don't forget to attach the following pictures:

1. Photo of the frame serial number (shown below the bottom bracket)
2. Picture of the bike / frame right side
3. Picture of the bike / frame left side
4. Photo of the bottom bracket
5. Headset area photo
6. Fork photo

With these elements, we are going to answer to you ASAP. Other suggestion is to ask for the original purchase proof from the seller.

You can find a post-sale service through our dealer, a reliable and prepared assistance network located all around the world. If you have mechanical problems, technical questions or you detected a problem on your new bike/frame, you can contact the dealer where you bought the frame.
Otherwise, if you don't know who to contact, you can find a complete list of our Pinarello Point using our store locator .

Our bikes can be used for indoor training on rollers or trainer but there are some aspects to consider:
• On a trainer the frame is subjected to higher loads than on a normal ride or on free rollers;
• Loads on frame depend deeply on the rider weight and also on the training intensity;
• During indoor training the bike is subjected to a quicker wear, due to the loads applied and to the aggressive effect of sweat on the frame and related mechanical components;
• Any cosmetic or material damage as a result of the clamping or attachment mechanism to the frame/bicycle is treated as ‘wear and tear’;
Considered the aspects above we suggest to use a “spare” bike for a continuing use on trainer or to have a maintenance service more frequent.

No, it isn't . The registration is valid only for the first owner of the bike who bought the bike from one of our official retailer.
The frame registration is not a property certificate, but a confirmation of our Pinarello Warranty that we granteed for the first owner of the bike. Infact if you register your new bicycle within 30 days from purchase date, Pinarello will grant you 3 additional years of warranty and the subscription to the Crash Replacement Program.

Admission to the “Crash Replacement” program allows the buyer to potentially benefit from the following advantages upon irreparable damage to the Product that does not qualify for replacement free of charge due to warranty coverage terms.

In such cases, the buyer will have the right to purchase from the same authorised seller from which he/she carried out the initial purchase a frame to replace the damaged one. The frame may be of the same category or of a lower one at a discounted price.

The amount of the discount will be made available from time to time on behalf of the authorised seller as part of it is offered by Pinarello while the rest is offered by the authorised seller at its discretion. In order to find out the amount of the discount, a buyer must inquire from an authorised seller.

The choice of an exact frame size is a very complex and delicate topic which is not always straightforward without seeing an athlete on his/her bike. In addition to this, Pinarello offers a wide range of frame options and components that offer both very accurate position options but also require in-depth evaluations.
We suggest you to contact one of our authorized dealers who will be able to offer you an accurate and timely service. At this link: you can find the complete list of Pinarello dealers

Our frames are designed in order to mount specific tyres as you can check in the bike's specification.
By the way, if you want to test different tyres with different width, you have to take care of:
1) the tyre has not to touch fork or frame in any part
2) the tyre has not to touch the forl or the frame in any part, with or without the rider on
We want to be clear that any damage on the the frame that can be linked to the bigger tyre's width, it's out of warranty and the test is on your own risk.

Thank you for your interest. To purchase our product you have to contact an authorized Pinarello dealer near you. Please use the interactive map available at the following link to find the closest to your location: Store Locator | Pinarello Global

All Pinarello bikes are engineered to guarantee you the best riding pleasure and safety.

Each bike has also an intended use and it is designed and tested to support a maximum rider weight.

Please always refer to the following categories:

  • Road/Gravel/Track/Ciclocross bikes: the limit for this category is 120 Kg (rider+equipment+bike)
  • E-bikes: the limit for this category is 120 Kg (rider+equipment+bike)
  • All X-light models: maximum rider weight is limited to 85 Kg (rider only)

When purchasing a bike always remember to check rider weight limit for components as the declared maximum weights for particular parts may be different from the aforementioned limits. Please always refer to the corresponding manual for detailed information.