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Wet Lube

Wet Lube

Wet Lube is a chain lubricant developed to protect and lubricate your transmission in harsh conditions such as rain or mud.

The fully synthetic oil formulation based on stabilized dicarboxylic esters and poly-alpha-olefins guarantees incredible performance. The high viscosity ensures a great oil adhesion to the chain reducing the risk of washing away. Thanks to the special solid additives, MOST Wet Lube guarantees a greater resistance of the chain and mechanical parts to wear and oxidation. The higher percentage of solid additives such as PTFE (Teflon) and h-BN (Exa Boron-Nitride) allows superior chain cleaning and an unparalleled resistance to abrasion caused by mud and dirt. Plenty apply on clean and dry chain, preferably after degreasing with MOST GEL degreaser. Shake well before use.