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Dry Lube

Dry Lube

Dry Lube is a specific chain treatment developed for dry conditions.

It is made by fully synthetic oil based on organic esters. The special additives provide anti-wear performance, antioxidants and a superior resistance to extremely high pressure. The addition of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), the polymer with the lowest coefficient of friction ever, ensures maximum chain fluidity. It reduces the friction between chain and sprockets ensuring a lower energy loss while pedaling. This effect is a performance optimizing. Thanks to the non-stick effect of PTFE, the chain will stay clean even on dusty conditions. The addition of h-BN (Exa Boron-Nitride) provides unparalleled resistance to the extreme pressures that occur between chain, sprockets and rings. The Exa Boron-Nitride protects and extends the life of the mechanical parts reducing noises. Apply on clean and dry chain. MOST GEL degreaser prepares at best your chain. Shake well before use.