2012 Mark Cavendish Dogma 2 Carbon 60HM1k Torayca

"This is the perfect frame...just leave it as it is!"

The world top sprinter, Mark Cavendish, weared the World Championship Jersey on Pinarello Dogma during 2011-2012 season.

A spectacular season culminated with the victory in the Elysian Fields at 2012 Tour de France, won by Team Sky.

An anecdotein October 2011 he was given a  DOGMA 2 frame of normal production, to begin working on a specific frame for its features.

The rumor was that Mark was very strict, so PinarelloLAB set up a working team to produce a specific frame for him.
After trying it, Mark told us that we didn't need to work on a new bike...DOGMA 2 was 
already perfect!

"This is a perfect frame!

2012 Mark Cavendish ×

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