Introducing NYTRO, the first eRoad bike designed to surprise you.

When electronic power meets the PINARELLO design and ride feeling.

PINARELLO brings a new revolution in the E-BIKE world, starting from a typically touring bike, to make a bike with a
geometry, design and performance than creates a whole new segment, the one of the eROAD racing bike.

An e-bike under 15kg? ...even less!
Our target was 15kg, but we went way below, reaching an incredible 13kg, that become 9kg if you take off the batteries,
as NYTRO can also be used as a normal bike.

Engineering technology of a top bike
We don’t accept compromises when it’s about performance, so we used the T700 High End Carbon Fiber, to ensure the
highest standards in terms of safety and performance.

Technical solutions from the Pinarello DNA.
NYTRO is a real superbike, the vertical tube and fork angle are the same of any Pinarello bike, to ensure agility and precision
in every corner. The wheelbase is The wheelbase is just 1% longer than GAN, providing comfort and stability, while the head
tube is 10% higher for a smoother riding. Braking performance is guaranteed by 160mm flat mount discs for secure braking
in all conditions and 12mm thru-axles for stability and higher torsional rigidity.

A jewel of technology to push you beyond any climb.
NYTRO has a technological heart.
Evation by Fazua is a drive system that assists the rider’s pedaling under the EN 15194 standard, providing assistance till
25 Km/h with a maximum nominal power of 250W. The system is simple and gives control over everything, through three
buttons and a display LED bar, the remote can control the riding functions and read the riding data.

The system is made of four main parts:
1. A drive pack composed by a high power density brushless DC motor, an exclusive and highly efficient planetary gear to
reduce the motor rpm and an electronic interface to transfer the power to the bottom bracket.
2. A replaceable lithium-ion battery that offers the best ratio between Energy and weight. The battery pack ca be easily
removed from the Drive pack.
3. A bottom bracket with a double-side torque measurement and integrated cadence sensors, to allow the system to adapt
real time the amount of power provided to the chain. The result is a pedal assistance really effective but not invasive.
4. A simple and easy Remote control on the handlebar. Trough 3 buttons and a display LED bar, it allows the rider to read the
battery state of charge and control the 5 riding modes functions:
• No Support - 0W (White): The motor support is switched off. The NYTRO can be used as a normal road bike.
• Breeze - up to 125W (Green): Efficient support to maximize the battery range.
• River - up to 250W (Blue): Strong support suitable for most of scenarios.
• Rocket - up to 400W (Pink): Maximum support for the most demanding climbs
• Walk assistance: Helps to carry the bike till a maximum speed of 6Km/h.

The new NYTRO is also Made 4 you. As every rider is unique, we offer 5 different sizes, being the first on the market to
offer 46.5 and 50, considering the wide target of the product. Every single size of the frame is designed and produced on its
own: the bigger sizes are reinforced and shaped in order to bear higher stresses; the smaller sizes can be made using less
material, saving weight.

This allows every rider to ride his Pinarello with the same feeling and the same performance.

At the moment the new NYTRO is only available in Europe (United Kingdom and Switzerland included).